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Not much in the way of infrastructure expansion near you, but you still want to take action against the Corridors of the Future? Enter your zip code or state into the Root Force Target Database to see if there’s a company or institution in your area that’s involved in the Corridors of the Future, so […]

Planning to attend the anti-I-69 strategy and planning spokescouncil in Bloomington, IN from April 11-13? Registration details and schedule are now available. Please note that this event is RSVP-only. You must pre-register if you want to attend.

Global Exchange and Alliance for Democracy is bringing three speakers to Portland, OR to discuss the Security and Propsperity Partnership (SPP) of North America, often referred to as NAFTA-plus: Hector Sanchez of Global Exchange; Carleen Pickard of the Council of Canadians; and Manuel Perez Rocha of the Institute for Policy Studies. Cascadia Root Force will […]

The Missouri Department of Transportation is hosting a series of public meetings to “share information” about its plans for a study on the environmental impacts of building truck-only lanes for I-70, as per the state’s Corridors of the Future grant. The meetings are in “open house” format, so people can arrive and leave at any […]

Global oil prices leaped up past $108/barrel after Iraqi insurgents bombed a pipeline near the southern export hub of Basra. Initial estimates said that the loss of the single pipeline might cut Basra’s exports by one-third. The price of oil went down again when it became clear that the damage to the pipeline was not […]

Montana Hydroelectric Dam Breached!

The Milltown hydroelectric dam near Missoula, Montana has been deliberately breached as part of an effort to remove it in order to remove the 6.6 million cubic yards of toxic heavy metal waste that had accumulated behind it due to mining runoff. The dam was built in 1907 to power a timber mill, which produced […]

Argentina and Brazil Planning New Dams

The governments of Argentina and Brazil have revived plans for three new dams on the Uruguay River, a river already devastated by four dams upstream (Itá, Machadinho, Passo Fundo and Barra Grande) and the Salto Grande dam downstream. If built, the Garabí dam — only the first of the three — would flood out 33,000 […]

The Arizona Department of Transportation has decided to proceed with plans for an I-10 Bypass through southern Arizona. At a meeting on March 21, the board decided to continue with a full study on the feasibility of the plan. In some good news, however, plans to route the highway through the sensitive San Pedro River […]

The first liquified natural gas (LNG) import terminal on the west coast of North America is scheduled to go operational on April 19, according to a statement by San Diego, CA-based Sempra Energy. Two LNG tankers have been dispatched to test the Energia Costa Azul import and regasification plant in Ensenada, Baja California. Approximately half […]

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