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Resistance to the construction of I-69 kicked off with a weekend of resistance from April 18-22. Road opponents held an unpermitted march (more photos) on April 19 and many people calling in for the April 22 phone jam action reported receiving busy signals. On the same day, banners were hung from freeway overpasses opposing the […]

The Missouri Deparment of Transportation (MoDOT), as a way of promoting the idea of truck-only lanes for I-70, has placed a propaganda video on YouTube to sell the idea to the general public. As part of the Corridors of the Future program, MoDOT is conducting a study into the possiblity of relieving traffic on I-70 […]

The US Navy is re-establishing its Fourth Fleet to oversee and coordinate all ships, planes and submarines operating in Latin America and the Caribbean. The newly revived fleet, originally disbanded after World War II, will be directed by a nuclear aircraft carrier. The Navy claims the fleet will help fight “narcoterrorism” in the region. Chief […]

Dominion Power Blockaded in Virginia

Blue Ridge Earth First! blockaded the road into the headquarters of Dominion Energy on April 15 in protest of the company’s plans to build a new coal-fired power plant. Read more about this action and see video footage here.

Crude oil prices jumped to record levels above $117/barrel after indigenous Nigerian rebels attacked three oil pipelines and unknown persons fired a rocket at a Japanese oil tanker in the Middle East. Oil jumped above $116/barrel after the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) announced its sabotage of an oil pipeline at […]

Another reminder of how serious our situation is, highlighting the need to take down the system: The emission of carbon dioxide between increased by 3.1 percent per year between 2000 and 2006, with 8.38 gigatons released in 2006. The “worst case scenario” in the 2000 report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change assumed only […]

UNESCO Says Go Local

Highlighting the need of people around the world to free themselves from dependence on the system, a UN report has called for a shift to natural, local farming as necessary to avert a burgeoning world food crisis. The UNESCO study’s three conclusions after reviewing the state of world agriculture were: • Technological advances in agriculture […]

The US Department of Transportation (DOT) has formally asked for suggestions from private industry, state and local governments on suggestions for how to build and operate a nationwide network of wireless communication between individual cars and highway infrastructure. The DOT’s goal is to enable”crash avoidance systems” in vehicles to communicate with other vehicles and with […]

Big Push for Brazilian Dams

The World Bank is pressuring Brazil to remove regulations that slow down the approval and construction of new hydroelectric dams, in a new report that attacks the country’s environmental licensing laws as “obstacles to development.” It criticizes the regulations for leading to delays that cause anxiety in private investors. In spite of these supposedly severe […]

Congo Planning World’s Largest Dam

On April 21, a collection of banks, construction companies and African governments met in London to plan what would be the world’s largest capacity dam: the Grand Inga Dam on the Congo River. “The banks and the City of London see that Grand Inga is serious. The G8 countries are behind it because they can […]

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