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The anti-I-69 treesit in Indiana has been evicted, and Roadblock EF! has called for people to contact state officials and construction company employees in response. Read about the eviction, various solidarity actions and ways to help at the Roadblock EF! website. Read reports of other actions here, here and here. Remember that there are lots […]

Masked protesters invaded an I-69 Project Office in Bloomington on June 11, reportedly chalking both the inside and outside of the office and shattering the glass pane of an entry door. Roadblock Earth First! responded to the incident by saying, “We’d like to thank these anonymous folks who threw down against I-69 from the bottom […]

In one of its most audacious attacks yet, the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) attacked an offshore oil rig for the first time, forcing Shell to shut down the entire oil field and causing a 10% reduction in Nigeria’s oil output. Before the attack, Nigeria’s output was already 20% below normal […]

The 15th Protecting Mother Earth Conference, sponsored by the Indigenous Environmental Network, will take place July 17-20 in Western Shoshone territory. For more information and to sign up, click here.

Peru Turmoil Slams Copper Supplies

A weeklong uprising in Peru’s Moquegua region has placed strain on copper supplies worldwide. The unrest began as a small protest over how little in the way of mining profits was being used to help residents of the region, but quickly swelled to 20,000 people blocking major highways and railways, including a border crossing into […]

• I-10: Commissioners in Washington County, FL have voted not to endorse the construction of a new toll road connecting I-10 in Florida with Montgomery, AL. Local residents had turned out in large numbers to oppose the plan. The county’s decision is non-binding, and plans for the road are still being considered. • I-15: The […]

Canada recently announced that it has selected a location for a new Detroit-Windsor border bridge. The US site will not be selected until an Environmental Review is complete. Currently, the only crossing between Detroit, MI and Windsor, Ontario, is the privately owned Ambassador Bridge, which does not allow hazardous cargo. The new bridge will be […]

US President George W. Bush and Republican presidential nominee John McCain have both called for Congress to lift laws that banning oil drilling of the coast of the US. In a recent speech, Bush also pushed other expansions of petroleum infrastructure including drilling in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, building more oil refineries and mining […]

Nicaraguan Energy Boom Expected

The Nicaraguan government has announced that it will open up the San Cristobal volcano for bidding for the construction of a geothermal plant. San Cristobal is the country’s largest volcano. According to statements made by President Daniel Ortega and Energy Minister Emilio Rappacioli, Nicaragua plans to build enough new geothermal and hydroelectric (read: big dams) […]

Solidarity actions continue in opposition to the construction of the I-69 NAFTA Superhighway through Indiana. On June 3, Potomac Earth First! and others held a protest outside the offices of design and engineering company Michael Baker Jr. Inc. in Fredrick, MD. On June 5, an anti-I69 banner was dropped across an I-64 overpass in Louisville, […]

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