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The Klamath Justice Coalition (“a group of Klamath Basin community activists dedicated to the restoration of the Klamath River and the removal of PacifiCorp’s lower four Klamath River dams”) has called for the first national day of action against PacifiCorp power company on Sep. 18. A Klamath Justice Coalition march and rally will be held […]

I-15 News

Nevada: Construction of new express lanes for I-15 in Las Vegas is scheduled to begin before the end of 2008, according to the Nevada Department of Transportation. The department has initiated an I-15 Resort Corridor Study to figure out how to deal with the increased urban traffic that this is expected to cause. Utah: The […]

On Friday, August 22nd, the Peruvian legislature voted 66-28 to repeal two laws that would have opened up vast tracts of indigenous land in the Amazon to oil and gas exploration, mining, logging and other destructive “development.” An estimated 12,000 indigenous protesters from 65 tribes had seized energy installations, marched and clashed with police in […]

The Kahnawake Mohawk community is resisting a deal between the Quebec government and the Mohawk Council tribal government to build a Montreal bypass superhighway, Quebec Autoroute 30, through their territory. Objecting to the illegal encroachment on unceded indigenous land for the highway, the Women Title Holders of the Rotino’shonni:onwe [the voice of the people] have […]

Thousands of Peruvian indigenous protesters have agreed to temporarily lift their blockades of oil, gas and hydroelectric infrastructure after Congress agreed to hold a vote on repealing a law that would make it easier for energy, mining and other corporate interests to purchase indigenous land. The blockades were initiated at a time when Peru is […]

Reposted from On the night of Thursday 14th August, in Berlin, we made 7 attacks on Deutsche Bank, Commerz Bank, Allianz AG and Dresdener Bank. The locks to the banks and the card-readers were glued and ‘no to UK Coal’ was spraypainted. Deutsche Bank is the single biggest European investor in agrofuels in Latin […]

The Arizona Department of Transportation has awarded FNF Construction of Tempe, AZ, a $43.2 million contract to build a four-lane highway to allow freight traffic to bypass San Luis, AZ, on the way to and from a new US-Mexico border crossing. The new Arizona Highway 195 would link Interstate 8 in Yuma to the crossing […]

The Peruvian government declared a state of emergency (martial law) today in three provinces affected by ongoing indigenous occupations and blockades of energy infrastructure. The government has banned public gatherings and free movement within the northern province of Amazonas and the southern provinces of Loreto and Cuzco, where hundreds of indigenous protesters have seized and […]

Peru’s state-run oil company Petroperu was forced to shut down a major oil pipeline in the country’s north on Thursday, August 14, due to an ongoing occupation by indigenous protesters angered over new laws encouraging more infrastructure development in the Amazon. The 500-person protest began on August 11, coinciding with the occupation of a gas […]

The government of the Crow Tribe has signed a 50-year deal with Australian-American Energy Co. to build and operate a plant to convert coal into liquid fuel. The plant would be supplied by new coal mines on the Crow reservation in Montana. The quadrupling of oil prices in the last decade has suddenly made coal-to-liquid […]

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