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Two activists were arrested at a Home Depot in Glendale, CO, near Denver, after hanging a banner off the building that read, “Dam Home Depot, NOT Patagonia!” Home Depot is under pressure from International Rivers and allies for its ongoing financial involvement with the main Chilean interest promoting 5 dams in Chilean Patagonia. Home Depot […]

17 Arrested in Coal Protests

17 people were arrested in three separate anti-coal protests in West Virginia on May 23.  In the first, eight people were arrested for hanging a “Never Again” banner and locking down to a dump truck at a mountaintop removal mine on Kayford Mountain. In the second, two were arrested for boating onto the Brushy Fork […]

The Independent has published a good article highlighting the vulnerabilities inherent in the global economic system. It has lots of nice quotes from economists saying many of the same things we say in our own presentations: that globalization has made the system so interconnected that hitting it at a critical point (they call them “nodes”; […]

A couple of us recently did an interview with Healing the Earth radio, out of Guelph, Ontario. The interview is available for listening or download at: Healing the Earth We talked about the Root Force analysis and strategy, how infrastructure projects are interconnected, how to oppose infrastruture in the climate of  “economic stimulus,” and […]

For more than a month, indigenous groups in the Peruvian Amazon have been maintaining blockades of roads, rivers, airports and oil and gas pipelines to protest a series of new laws that would lead to increased industrial exploitation of their territories. The decrees were passed in accordance with the US-Peru Free Trade Agreement. An estimated […]

A couple of news stories, one old and one newer, highlighting how vulnerable the system is due to its dependence on complex infrastructure: Saboteurs Knock Out Telecom: Saboteurs knocked out land lines, cell phones, Internet, ATMs, credit card readers for police, banks, businesses and residents in three California counties on April 10, merely by cutting […]

Plans for a new border crossing between Detroit, MI and Windsor, ON are moving forward, having received environmental approval on both sides of the border. Public comments will be accepted on the Canadian environmental assessment until May 29. The city of Windsor reports that it close to reaching a deal with the federal government on […]

Minor Web Updates

We added some info to the Security Culture and Secure Email pages to clarify the limitations of proxy servers such as Tor.

Two Indiana residents (Hugh Farrell and Gina “Tiga” Wertz) were arrested on April 24 on misdemeanor and felony charges of intimidation, improper use of property, and corrupt business influence in the campaign against the I-69 “NAFTA Superhighway”. These charges are based on the premise that any activity designed to get companies to cease from environmentally […]