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Mexican media have reported that plans for La Parota Dam have been placed on hold until 2018. The communities resisting the dam have responded that they will maintain their struggle until the dam is canceled outright.

Boston Rising Tide activists dropped a 25-foot banner from the city’s Environmental Protection Agency on June 29, reading, “Mountain Top Removal Kills Communities: EPA No New Permits.” There are more than 150 permits pending for new mountaintop removal coal mines in West Virginia, Virginia and Kentucky.

Big Dam Push in Brazil and Chile

International Rivers has just published two good articles analyzing the recent massive push for new dams coming out of Chile and the Amazon. They make good reading for anyone wanting to follow these issues.

Military Coup in Honduras

The President of Honduras has been kidnapped by the military, in apparent collusion with the conservative Congress and Supreme Court. The coup occurred on the same day as a scheduled non-binding referendum on whether the people of El Salvador wanted a new constitution. Zelaya was awakened by armed soldiers in the middle of the night […]

31 Arrested In W.V. Coal Protest

Thirty-one people were arrested at a civil disobedience action against mountaintop removal coal mining on June 23, including actress Daryl Hannah and climate scientist James Hansen. The protesters had blocked traffic outside a West Virginia coal plant after plans to enter were thwarted by a large gathering of pro-coal counter-demonstrators. One counter-demonstrator attacked one of […]

The governments of Chile and Argentina are actively pursuing plans to build a Trans-Andean Rail tunnel to connect the Pacific and Atlantic ports of the respective countries. When completed, the rail line is expected to increase trade between the countries tenfold. The current rail line between the countries is shut down for an average 45 […]

Anti-mining organizer Marcelo Rivera has been missing since June 18, community members in San Isidro, El Salvador have reported. Rivera is a leader of the movement against a Pacific Rim gold mine near his community, representative of the community organization Amigos De San Isidro CabaƱas and member of the community’s Board of Directors for the […]

Maya Villagers Burn Mine Equipment

A group of Mayan Mam villagers torched the equipment of a company attempting to set up a mine on their land without permission on June 12. Exploradora de Guatemala, a subsidiary of the Canadian company Goldcorp, had been pressuring 20 families in the San Miguel Ixztahuacan municipality to sell their land, but the villagers had […]

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (a division of the Organization of American States) has ordered Panama to immediately halt all action on three dams planned for the Changuinola River. The dams have been threatening indigenous Ngobe and Naso communities, as well as the World Heritage Site of La Amistad Biosphere Reserve. The Chan-75 Dam […]

The Department of Transportation has given out $5.2 million in grants to promote the use of new technology in bridge construction and repair. Bridges are considered a critical weak point of transportation infrastructure, as was demonstrated in August 2007 when a bridge in Minneapolis collapsed due to aging gusset plates. A list of the bridges […]

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