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From a May 21 press release by International Rivers: “A group of Kayapo indigenous people led by Chief Megaron Txukarramãe have been blockading the Xingu River crossing of the BR-80 – a major Amazon highway in Mato Grosso State – since April 23 in protest of the government’s plans to build the massive Belo Monte […]

From DC Direct Action News: “At lunchtime on the 4th of June, protesters stormed the doors of BP’s corporate office building at 1101 NY Ave. “After a rally outside featuring a giant oil drum, people crossed the street and pushed through the outer doors of the lobby, intending to make a “citizen’s arrest” of BP […]

From Cascadia Rising Tide: “After a five-year long grassroots organizing push by a broad coalition of Oregonians and Southern Washingtonians, NorthernStar, the Texas-based company proposing the Bradwood LNG terminal on Columbia River, has indefinitely suspended development of the LNG terminal and filed for bankruptcy. This is wonderful news for anyone in the region concerned with […]

We have added the Gateway Sucks campaign to our list of anti-infrastructure contacts. In their own words, “ is a loose voluntary association of individuals and organizations who are ticked off about Gateway.” What is the Gateway Project? “The project is a massive old-school highway-expansion plan being launched by the BC Government, spearheaded by Transportation […]

Groups in five European cities have called for an International “Stop the Tar Sands!” Day on July 17: “The tar sands of Alberta, Canada, are one of the world’s largest and dirtiest energy projects. Even though European oil companies and banks are financing this climate crime, the tar sands are relatively unknown in Europe. It […]

Rivers for Life 3: The Third International Meeting of Dam-Affected People and Their Allies Temacapulin, Mexico October 1-7, 2010 From International Rivers: “Hundreds of representatives from dam-affected communities, NGOs and other groups across the globe will gather to share experiences, develop collective strategies, create new alliances and strengthen the international movement to protect rivers and […]

Updates to Contacts Page

We have updated the info for our affiliate groups in Durango, Colorado, and also added a new contact in British Columbia and one in the Phillipines. Are you part of a group campaigning against infrastructure that wants to be listed on our contacts page? Get in touch!