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On July 6, following the annual Earth First! Round River Rendezvous, about 50 protesters blockaded the access to a mega-wind project in the Maine North Woods, while others locked themselves to a truck carrying a massive turbine blade to the site. The construction site was shut down for the entire morning, and the truck was […]

The two Indiana residents (Hugh Farrell and Gina “Tiga” Wertz) charged with misdemeanors for intimidation and improper use of property in the campaign against the I-69 “NAFTA Superhighway” accepted a plea deal on July 14. The defendants each pleaded guilty to two counts of trespassing and were sentenced to two years non-reporting probation and a […]

On July 6, the Palomar Pipeline project submitted a letter to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) withdrawing its application due to the project being on indefinite delay. This good news was a direct result of the bankruptcy announcement of NorthernStar, and its ensuing cancellation of the planned Bradwood liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal. This […]

Lockdown At WV Strip Mine

On July 14, two protesters locked themselves to a highwall miner at the Bee Tree strip mine on Coal River Mountain, near the Brushy Fork Sludge Impoundment. Four people were arrested, and three of them remain in jail.

Following our last La Parota post on June 29, when Mexican media reported that the project was postponed until 2018, things were looking good for the indigenous and campesino peoples defending the Papagayo River from destruction and their own communities from dislocation. On September 13, the Mexican government indicated that the project had been canceled, […]

On June 5, protesters across Peru commemorated the anniversary of the government’s massacre last year of peaceful indigenous protesters who had blockaded a road in opposition to laws opening the Amazon up for large-scale resource exploitation. The official death toll was 33 (10 indigenous people plus 23 police officers later killed in retaliation), but local […]

The Appalachia Rising anti–mountaintop removal convergence will take place in Washington, DC between September 25 and 27. It follows a long history of social action for a just and sustainable Appalachia, coming directly out of the work of organizations in coalfield states. It unites coalfield residents and organizations with national allies from all walks of […]