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Check out reportbacks from the Global Week of Action for Climate Justice (which ran concurrently with the Third Global Minga/Global Mobilization in Defense of Mother Earth and the Peoples).

There are at least three atlases online where you can find actions already scheduled for the October 12 Minga, including those related to the Climate Day of Action. Here is one for the Minga, and here is another one for climate actions. Another climate action atlas is here. The pages for the climate atlases include directions […]

Following the success of the first two  Mingas (Global Mobilizations in Defense of Mother Earth and the Peoples), American indigenous and social movements and their allies around the world have called a third mobilization for October 12, 2010. “We the peoples and our territories are one entity,” the 2009 declaration read. “[We resolve] to reject […]

From one of our allied contact groups, a call to direct action for those of you in the Vancouver, BC area. The action involves physically undoing the beginnings of freeway construction and redirecting that material toward the community. We’ve signed on as sponsors of this action: This year as part of the 10/10/10 Global […]

Police and some members of the military attempted to stage a coup in Ecuador on Thursday, September 30. Resistance by social movements and the majority of the military appears to have foiled the attempt for now, but the situation remains tense and the threat of a right-wing power grab remains. For a good overview of […]