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Fracking Blockade

ATHENS COUNTY, Ohio – An Athens County woman was arrested Tuesday morning after she chained herself to two barrels of concrete and blocked the entrance of a fracking fluid injection well on Ladd Ridge Road. Madeline Fitch told reporters she felt compelled to protest the continued dumping of out-of-state oil and gas drilling wastewater into the […]

This summer action camps, and campaigns inviting people to stop in and throw down for a bit, are on the rise.  Here are just a few places to check out if you want to get away from home for a bit, and take action to defend the earth. Earth First! Rendezvous:  This will be a […]

Earth First! has been in the fight to save the planet for over 3 decades now.  And the EF! Journal has been with them for almost all of it.  In the last issue to come out there was a great article, Eat, Sleep, Click, talking about the problems of “green” energy.  Check it out if […]

Stop the Buckyballs!

If we don’t stop them soon they’ll just keep coming up with crazy new things like Buckyballs. According to Environmental News Network a new kind of solar cell made from carbon harvests sunlight that other cells can’t see. The technology could greatly boost the efficiency of solar panels and help bring the down the price […]

Maine Dam Coming Down!

Posted from the Restoration Project The Penobscot River Restoration Trust and its public and private partners are working to undo more than two centuries of damage that too many dams have inflicted upon the Penobscot River. Removing the lower two dams and bypassing a third opens up nearly 1000 miles of habitat for endangered Atlantic salmon, […]

Altamira, Brazil – While the Brazilian Government prepares to host the Rio+20 United Nations Earth Summit, 3,000 kilometers north in the country’s Amazon region indigenous peoples, farmers, fisherfolk, activists and local residents affected by the construction of the massive Belo Monte Dam project began a symbolic peaceful occupation of the dam site to “free the […]

TA Truck Stops a new Target?

Travel Centers of America, commonly called TA, and Shell are working on a deal to have TA sell Liquified Natural Gas at their truck stops.  If the agreement is reached, they expect to have LNG fuel lanes open in 2013. The idea behind offering LNG at its stations stems from the spike in diesel fuel […]

Blockaders Aquitted

Some good news coming out of Barriere Lake this week. Youth spokesperson Norman Matchewan was acquitted of all charges stemming from a 2009 blockade that was set up to defend the Algonquin First Nation’s territory from illegal logging. A logging company spokesperson was also perjured himself–a fact that became apparent after a video disproved one […]

Check out Riverdale! For the past seven days, we have been on the front-lines of resistance to the natural gas industry’s assault on Pennsylvania communities. While Aqua America PVR had ordered the removal of 32 families of the Riverdale Mobile Home Community to make way for a water withdrawal site, six families have remained in […]

On the Brink

Finally scientists are saying what radicals have known for years.  The Earth is heading straight for collapse, and it’s our fault.  A new report from the journal Nature details some of the indicators of reaching the tipping point, and what might happen after we get there.  Although their idea of solutions somehow leave out drastically […]

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