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The ongoing Tar Sands Blockade campaign has launched an 8-person treesit in the planned path of the under-construction Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. “Construction cannot proceed until tree-sitters descend and TransCanada clear-cuts through hundreds of trees to make way for the toxic tar sands pipeline,” Tar Sands Blockade announced. The treesitters have announced their intention […]

Despite government promises of reforms in the way natural resource concessions are handled, another anti-mines protester has been killed in Peru. This marks the 19th person killed in a natural resource-related conflict since President Ollanta Humala took office in July 2011. Clashes between police and protesters broke out in the Ancash region on Wednesday Sep. […]

New Blockade Against Belo Monte Dam

From International Rivers: On Wednesday [Sep. 19], a group of about 50 fishermen prevented a ferry from transporting machines and workers to a coffer dam being built for the Belo Monte Dam Complex, setting up a protest camp on one of the main islands of the Xingu River near the construction site. After assembling, the […]

On September 17 and 18, community members from Mataquescuintla, Jalapa and San Rafael Las Flores, Santa Rosa, Guatemala protested against the ongoing development of a mining project in their communities. In response to the first of these protests, provocateurs attacked both police and community members with stones. In response to a peaceful blockade outside the […]

On Sep. 11, a judge revoked the arrest warrants for 10 leaders in the fight against the plans for a dam on the sacred  Q’am B’alam River in Guatemala. The warrants were revoked due to procedural irregularities. The good news came days after a solidarity protest held at the headquarters of Hidralia Energia in Galicia, […]

On October 30, 2012, Occupy Oakland and Occupy Stockton will join with Occupy Richmond and other groups in an action to shut down Chevron’s refinery operations in Richmond. The meetup spot is Richmand BART, 3pm. For more information, visit Occupy Chevron CA (under construction) or follow @OccupyChevronCA on Twitter.

Tar Sands Blockade protesters have locked themselves to a wood chipper and skidder being used to clear-cut trees near Winnsboro, TX to make way for the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. This is the fourth action to date in the Tar Sands Blockade campaign. The Tar Sands Blockade campaign is active and ongoing. Calls to […]

From Intercontinental Cry The Achuar Peoples have a won a major victory in their eight-year struggle against a Canadian oil company in the Amazon rainforest. Yesterday, Talisman Energy announced that it will be withdrawing from the Achuar’s ancestral territory–and all of Peru–just as soon as it finishes some ongoing commercial transactions. “We have fought long […]

The New York Times and Washington Post have featured stories recently on how global warming is already causing the US infrastructure system to crumble. That sounds like an opportunity to us! Higher temperatures and more frequent extreme weather events such as storms, floods and wildfires are wreaking havoc on infrastructure constructed for the cooler, more […]

From Alianza Arkana: By: Ronald Suarez, President of the Network of Peruvian Indigenous Communicators, Ucayali   *Correction: Maple Energy is a company listed in London and Lima, Peru. It is not a Canadian company. Over 400 villagers in the Native Community of Canan de Cachiaco in the Ucayali region of the Peruvian Amazon have taken […]

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