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According to a new article from Business News Americas it’s not just Peru where environmental activists are having a serious, nation-wide effect on destructive industries. Argentina is a high-risk destination for mining companies and is becoming increasingly more so due to the deteriorating business environment, Maplecroft senior Latin America analyst Irenea Renuncio told BNamericas. Of […]

Idle No More

From Earth First! Newswire The mayor of Sarnia, Ont., says city police do not plan to shut down a CN Rail blockade by First Nations activists as long as no one is hurt in the protest. Mike Bradley says CN obtained a court injunction that leaves it to police in the southwestern Ontario city to […]

Doing Something Right in Peru

A recent article from BNAmericas claimes that companies are less likely to invest in mine exploration in Peru because of “social conflict” Investment in mining exploration in Peru will continue to fall if the government does not take further action to prevent social conflicts, industry expert Miguel Santillana from research center Instituto del Perú told […]

From the Earth First! Newswire Today hunger strikers in Houston hit day 20 without food and the three activists who locked down inside the Keystone XL pipe on Dec 3rd are still in jail, facing exorbitant bail. While jail is oppressive, dehumanizing, and boring, your messages of love and support will help lift their spirits. […]

“Renewable” Energy’s Got Bling!

From Bloomberg News “The four windmills dug into northern Canada’s tundra that power Rio Tinto Group(RIO)’s $5.2 billion Diavik diamond mine are the world’s first designed to work in gusts as cold as 40 degrees below zero. The mining company has sunk $30 million into wind energy because roads are frozen and closed to diesel […]

From the Earth First! Newswire The Need for Immediate Strategy by Stephanie Smith The controversial Tar Sands and TransCanada XL pipeline face increased protest from affected local communities, environmental organizations and grassroots protestors. A recent report from the Canadian Association of Oil Producers shows that Tar Sands oil emits 9% more carbon than standard crude […]

from Tar Sands Blockade Mike Bishop has won a temporary restraining order against TransCanada A judge ordered TransCanada to halt construction on Mr. Bishop’s land until a hearing on December 19th. If successful, that hearing could lead to a more long term temporary injunction against TransCanada which could stop work for months! Bishop has been […]

From the Earth First! Newswire Sometimes during the Christmas season it’s all too easy to lose track of what really matters: friends, family, baby Jesus and the basic life support systems of the planet. Everywhere we look we are confronted with sales on heavy metal laden electronic devices, plastic toys with lead paint from China, […]

Just think, if we get enough solar panels and wind turbines out there, we could preserve this view of the US at night: New images from NASA, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) satellite have just come out, showing all of the “man-made” lights on Earth at night.  More photos are available here. Why […]

From Intercontinental Cry December 4, 2012….Traditional territory of the Algonquin Peoples (Ottawa, Ontario)…Okimaw (Chief) Wallace Fox lead a procession of over 300 First Nation Chiefs, leaders, elders, women, youth and community members during an impromptu rally on Parliament Hill today. The First Nations movement is a result of frustration over the Canadian government’s current legislation. […]

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