Protesters locked down inside of a pipe to be laid in the ground for the Keystone XL pipeline; Dec. 3, 2012

From Common Dreams:

Activists in Texas have taken their fight to stop the tar sands directly to belly of the beast Monday morning — by sealing themselves inside of a section of pipe that will be part of the Keystone XL pipeline.

The direct action by two activists with Tar Sands Blockade, Matt Almonte and Glen Collins, is part of an ongoing series of actions aimed at stopping the construction of the TransCanada’s tar sands-carrying Keystone XL pipeline. …

Tar Sands Blockade reports that the action has successfully brought construction to a halt Monday and has also brought police to the scene, who have threatened to use tear gas on Collins and Almonte.

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In other recent actions to stop the Keystone pipeline, two protesters locked themselves on Thursday, Nov. 29 to two tanker trucks bound for the Valero Energy refinery in Houston, where some of the tar sands that would be transported by the Keystone Pipeline are slated to be refined. The two blockaders also announced that they were beginning a hunger strike, demanding that Valero end its involvement with Keystone XL.