no enbridgeFrom Rising Tide- Vancouver, Coast Salish Territories:

No Consent? No Pipelines! No Tar Sands! No Climate Crimes!

Monday January 14th @ 5:00 pm
Victory Square, Cambie & Hastings Street
Vancouver, Unceded Coast Salish Territories

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* This event is in solidarity with IDLE NO MORE & frontline Indigenous communities. Bring drums and wear regalia.
* Noise demo: bring pots and pans (to bang), whistles, horns and such! (and ear plugs, it’s going to get loud!)
* This is a child and family friendly event.

When the pipeline Joint Review Panel comes to Vancouver on January 14th it is our time to voice our opposition. It is our moment to say NO to this crazy climate crime of a pipeline and to expose the Review Panel for what it truly is – a sham, a corporate smokescreen, seeking input while reserving the right to approve the project regardless and removing the right of communities to say no.

On Monday 14th we invite you to attend the Enbridge Review Panel NO!SE DEMO!

Indigenous communities have already said no to this project and have repeatedly affirmed that free, prior, and informed consent must be respected by both colonial governments and industry.

More than 130 First Nations have signed the Save the Fraser Declaration, an Indigenous law that bans all tar sands pipelines within the Fraser Watershed. The Unist’ot’en Clan have made it clear that they oppose the construction of all pipelines, including natural gas pipelines, on their territories, that may even blaze the trail for Enbridge’s proposal.

We are standing in full support of the self-determination of Indigenous communities and calling out the “consultation process” as inadequate and ultimately unacceptable.

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