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From Stop the Tennessee Pipeline! Posted on February 26:  Local resident Alex Lotorto has freeclimbed an old Eastern Hemlock, Pennsylvania’s state tree, to stop felling for the Tennessee Pipeline Loop 323, 30 feet from the latest stump and 150 feet up the ridge from Cummins Hill Road. Alex when asked for statement said, “Before she […]

From EF! Newswire To Enter: Study the terrain of your home city, town or nearby industrial or shopping complex, create a series of well thought out plans (with a series of plan Bs and Cs to evade detection), gather your materials, mask up, avoid working with those you don’t have a strong relationship with, smash […]

Protesting Wisconsin’s Mining Bill

Cross Posted from The Daily Cardinal Approximately 70 demonstrators gathered on the Capitol steps Tuesday to protest the contentious state mining bill that is designed to ease the mine permitting process in the state before the state Senate fully considers the bill Wednesday. Madison Action for Mining Alternatives organized a candlelight vigil along with members […]

From the Earth First! Newswire: Gifford Pinchot, the Pennsylvania tree-sitter that is blockading the route of the Tennessee Pipeline from logging, stays strong and gives us this update from the trees: “Right now there is a march going on across the Delaware River to stop the pipeline. I wish I could join but I’m afraid […]

From Earth First! Action Reports: Last Sunday, 50 masked people armed with Molotov cocktails stormed a gold mine in northern Greece. After torching bulldozers, trucks, and portacabins belonging to Canadian mining company El Dorado and its Greek subsidiary Hellenic Gold, the group used tree trunks to block police and firefighters from reaching the site. If […]

From the Standard-Examiner: Christina Roskelley loves to see the eagles nest in trees in her backyard near Farmington Bay but is afraid plans for the West Davis Corridor will change all that. Roskelley joined with neighbors, farmers, birdwatchers, hunters and doctors on Saturday to rally against a proposed highway that would link Centerville to Weber […]

From the Earth First! Newswire: On February 17, dozens of concerned citizens expressed solidarity with climate protests around the country by occupying the Oregon History Society Museum’s ESCO exhibit: “ESCO Corporation.” Protesters used the space to share the real legacy that ESCO corp. is leaving on this planet… ESCO corp manufactures equipment and parts designed […]

From EF! Newswire After two weeks of peaceful protesting against oil exploitation in Arauca, on February 12 that department’s social organizations began a strike announced a few days earlier as a response to the repeated broken promises by the national government and transnational companies. The last attempt at dialogue took place on Monday, February 11, […]

Take two minutes to strike a blow against a copper mine. For those who haven’t been following the struggle: Rosemont Copper (owned by Canadian company Augusta Resources) is planning a major new mine in Southern Arizona. Unfortunately for them, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has proposed 838,000 acres of critical habitat for the jaguar, […]

The following Call to Action comes from a Tar Sands Blockade organizer, by way of the Earth First! Newswire. The Tar Sands Blockade campaign now has an interactive map available, showing office locations not only for the company building the Keystone tar sands pipeline (Transcanada) and its subcontractor doing the actual on-the-ground work (Michels), but […]

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