Barrick in the News x2

Barrick Gold is making waves the world over- for their corrupt, anti-woman, and bad environmental practices.

barrick-mineIn Chile and Argentina the Pascua Lama project, a Barrick gold mine, has led to a series of landslides.  Though the company claims that the mud has not affected water quality, residents of the area have filed complaints with the local environmental supervision division of the government.

From BusinessNews Americas:

The community is also alleging that Barrick is rerouting water from the channel to the project’s wells and, according to one report, the opponents are calling for the project to be halted.

Pascua Lama has long been mired in community opposition regarding its potential impact on glaciers and on the scarce local water resources.

In even more distressing news about Barrick, an article on Intercontinental Cry details a crisis with sexual assault and rape at a Barrick mine in Papau New Guinea going back to 2011.

In 2011, the Founder and Chairman of Barrick Gold, Peter Munk, infamously dismissed charges of gang rape by his own security guards at the Porgera Joint Venture mine by claiming that gang rape was a “cultural habit” in Papua New Guinea.

The horrendous statement arrived just a few short months after Human Rights Watch released a report confirming the long-standing allegations of rape.

The article continues with what the company is doing now,18068_36095

A new Chapter has emerged in this morally-debased saga. According to a joint press statement by MiningWatch Canada, Rights & Accountability and EarthRights International, Barrick Gold is now implementing a treatment program for women who have been raped by the company’s employees.

In order to receive a treatment package, the statement reads, “women must enter into an agreement in which ‘the claimant agrees that she will not pursue or participate in any legal action against PJV, PRFA [Porgera Remediation Framework Association Inc.] or Barrick in or outside of PNG. PRFA and Barrick will be able to rely on the agreement as a bar to any legal proceedings which may be brought by the claimant in breach of the agreement.’”

In other words, in order to receive treatment for being raped, the rape victims have to sign away their rights, allowing the perpetrators to roam free.

There’s but one word to describe this insidious offering: BarBarrick.

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