March Action Camps

At least 4 Action Camps are coming up in March:mjsb

1 and 2- From It’s Getting Hot in Here  about Mountain Justice Spring Break:

Mountain Justice Spring Break is a chance to learn more about how extractive industries like coal, hydro-fracking for natural gas and nuclear energy have sucked billions of dollars in resources from the land, while leaving behind environmental and social problems and a ravaged land.

From March 2-10 in Virginia, and March 10-17 in West Virginia, MJSB will be in the historic old mining town of Appalachia, Virginia, in the far western corner of the state of Virginia, in an area that is being heavily impacted by mountaintop removal mining.

Registration for MJSB is now live!  Cost includes all food for the week, lodging and the programs.  MJSB is suitable for student budgets!

climbcamp3- Earth First! Climbers Guild Camp spring 2013 – March 24-30, New York: Workshops include: Basic Climbing and Anchoring, Traverses, Tree to Tree Transfers, Basic Structure Rigging and Haul Systems, Tripods, Bipods, and Monopods, Advanced Structure Rigging, Large Scale Banner Hanging, and Basic Rescue and Training Set Ups.

To attend the camp contact: efclimbers [at]


4- Tar Sands Blockade Oklahoma Action Camp:

A coalition of Great Plains residents against the Tar Sands is excited to announce a training camp in March, this time in Oklahoma. Long a stronghold of the oil empire, we must ignite a fire of resistance in the belly of the beast. See you there!

Please, begin to make your travel arrangements today for the Ponca City, Oklahoma area and we’ll be contacting you with more details soon.

$0-50 sliding scale donation

Schedule and Registration here.