The government won't put an end to fracking. Will you?

The government won’t put an end to fracking. Will you?

The Big Infrastructure President strikes again, giving the lie to all his talk about confronting global warming. At the end of the day, the President’s job is to preserve the country’s current economic and political structures, and that means continuing to fuel increasing resource consumption and destruction of the planet.

From Common Dreams:

One of Obama’s top scientific advisers has signaled that the White House is poised to make a major push for the controversial practice of known as fracking–which environmental campaigners say is a betrayal of a truly clean energy agenda and evidence that the administration still misunderstands the severity of the climate dangers associated with all forms of fossil fuels.

The signals by Prof. William Press, an astrophysicist who heads the government-funded American Association for the Advancement of Science, were made at both an industry conference this week and in an interview with the Observer in the UK.

“The gas industry is straining to develop underground natural gas reserves across the nation and would love to know the exact rules and constraints by which it can carry out fracking in different states,” Press told the Observer’s Robin McKie. “Once they know that, they can get on with it.”

Press then indicated that Obama “could use executive orders to outline those rules in the very near future and so initiate widespread gas fracking in the US.”

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