Energy Secretary nominee and pro-fracking propagandist Ernest Moniz

Energy Secretary nominee and pro-fracking propagandist Ernest Moniz

The writing on the wall is clear. In addition to getting ready to clear away regulatory hurdles to expanding fracking, Obama has now nominated an Energy Secretary who is a noted pro-fracking propagandist. From the Washington Examiner, via the Earth First! Newswire:

President Obama this morning [March 4] nominated  physicist Ernest Moniz for energy secretary, to succeed outgoing secretary Steven Chu.

Moniz, an MIT physicist, fits into President Obama’s stated “all-of-the-above” energy policy, with research focusing on ”the future of nuclear power, coal, natural gas, and solar energy in a low-carbon world,” according to the White House. That’s why he already has environmentalists nervous.

“Mr. Moniz is a known cheerleader for exploiting our reserves of natural gas using a highly controversial and polluting practice known as hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”),” wrote Wenonah Hauter,  executive director of anti-fracking environmentalist group Food & Water Watch. ”His appointment to the DOE could set renewable energy development back years.”

In an in-depth analysis, uses the case of Moniz to examine the role of “research” propaganda in trying to convince the public that fracking is good for the climate, when in fact fracking has a worse greenhouse gas footprint than oil or coal—in addition to poisoning water supplies and propping up an economic system that is killing the planet and enslaving its people, of course. Read the full piece here.

What does all of this mean for those of us who never placed any faith in the political system to fix our planet’s problems, anyway? Just that the long, hard fight to stop fracking is only just getting started.  Fortunately, we have our enemies word on it: we can shut them down.