The government won't put an end to fracking. Will you?

The government won’t put an end to fracking. Will you?

As expected based on prior insider statements and President Obama’s Energy Secretary pick,  the administration continues to pave the way for a fracking boom on public lands.

From Common Dreams:

The U.S. Bureau of Land Management released new draft rules for fracking on public lands Thursday afternoon that would vastly weaken safeguards against the highly toxic gas extraction process, which has already done untold damage to public water, land and air.

“Comparing today’s rule governing fracking on public lands with the one proposed a year earlier, it is clear what happened: the [BLM] caved to the wealthy and powerful oil and gas industry and left the public to fend for itself,” Legislative Representative for Earthjustice Jessica Ennis stated.

As Earthjustice reports, the new version “eliminates protections included in the version proposed last year and fails to include safeguards demanded by environmental and public health advocates.”

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