rising tide na logoFrom Rising Tide North America:

his July, many of the members of Rising Tide-affiliated, anti-extraction, and climate justice groups around the U.S., Mexico, and Canada will converge in beautiful Utah to train, discuss, strategize, and develop the structure, dynamics and capacity of the Rising Tide network.

Rising Tide is an international, all-volunteer, grassroots network of groups and individuals who organize locally, promote community-based solutions to the climate crisis, and take direct action to confront the root causes of climate change.  Some network members are called Rising Tide, others are not.  In its essence, Rising Tide seeks to create a broad, long-term, international, collaborative platform for direct action and climate justice organizing.

The Rising Tide North America network consists of groups and local contacts throughout Canada, the United States, and Mexico.  Local groups work on a wide variety of issues that pertain to the local communities in which they reside.  If you are already part of the Rising Tide network, if you are interested in joining as an individual or a group, or if you want to find out how a grassroots, horizontally-organized, dedicated network of direct action-oriented, climate justice organizations can change the world, the Rising Tide Continental Gathering may just be the place to come. …

The focus of this year’s Rising Tide Continental Gathering will be:

1. Broaden connections between network groups and share resources

Through meeting each other and being present and working together in the same place, we hope to open space to talk about furthering network communication and collaborations and generally expanding and strengthening our working relationships.

2. Strategize around growing the power of the anti-extraction and climate justice movement

We also hope to create space for developing strategies around our different struggles. Regional, industry, and affinity breakout sessions will all provide spaces in which we can develop this work, make proposals, and strategize together as a network.

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