Fracking-protestsVisit the Fearless Summer page for details of ongoing actions against energy extraction, including:

• Utah Tar Sands Resistance and allies confronted road construction crews on Seep Ridge Road, and expressed determination to stop both the road itself and what it is literally paving the way for–tar sands, oil shale and fracking across the Colorado River Basin (at an estimated cost of $3 million per mile).

• On Friday June 28 Rising Tide Seattle activists and friends converged for a Climate Profiteers Bike Tour.

• Activists with Climate First! did a “double” direct action against TD Bank in Wash., D.C.

• On June 22 the Seneca Lake Flotilla came together in Watkins Glen, NY, with over sixty paddle, sail and power boats, and over 80 protestors to say NO to a massive liquid petroleum gas storage facility that is being constructed on the shore of Seneca Lake by Inergy LP.

• On June 26, during lunchtime in one of Manhattan’s busiest neighborhoods, local activists—including some from OWS and Occupy the Pipeline—delivered a dose of puppet- and prop-powered street theater.

• On June 27, protesters in Coeur d’Alene and Spokane, WA, denounced increased coal export rail traffic through northern Idaho and Spokane. New Yorkers watched in awe as two massive pipelines attempted to invade their city—only to be repelled by wind-powered human unity.

Also, the week since Obama’s public endorsement of fracking in his climate speech has seen at least 10 actions in response (see photo above). From

All of these anti-fracking actions happened in the week since Obama’s pro-gas climate speech! From top-left, clockwise:

-People with Food & Water Watch, New Jersey occupied the office of State Senator Gerald Cardinale to reject natural gas as a bridge fuel.

-New York residents showed up at the NYC Plaza Hotel fundraiser to tell Governor Cuomo they support a ban on fracking – with Food & Water Watch.

-Massachusetts residents with 350 Massachusetts delivered a petition with nearly 10,000 signatures for a ban on fracking to their state house.

- Six Maine residents were arrested while blockading trains full of fracked oil from the Bakken shale fields – with 350 Maine & EF! Maine.

- Friends in PA gathered in the Loyalsock State Forest to stand in solidarity against the fracking that is planned for those woods – follow Shadbush Environmental Justice Collective, Rising Tide Philly, Shale Shock, and RDA for more updates (

- Folks with Occupy the Pipeline took to the streets to protest a fracked pipeline gas corporations want to lay through the heart of NYC.

- LGBT Fracktivists & friends marched in the NYC pride parade.

-The Coalition against the Rockaway Pipeline CARP made a human pipeline warning about the gas industry’s unsafe track record.

New Yorkers Against Fracking & Frack Action met Governor Cuomo in Syracuse to tell him NO to fracking and YES to renewables.

-Sixty residents with the Finger Lakes Action Network converged on the Cayuga Power Plant, rejecting both coal and natural gas and demanding a just energy transition.

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