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Plans to build a new I-5 bridge across the Columbia River inPortland, OR have been abandoned! This Corridors of the Future project had initially been identified as a critical part of expanding U.S. trade infrastructure. Congratulations to the opposition for burying the project with a coalition including everyone from climate activists to fiscal conservatives . […]

Following the collapse of an I-5 highway bridge in Washington state (in which fortunately no one was killed), watch out for infrastructure apologists from liberals to energy companies to push for a massive increase in infrastructure spending. Bloomberg’s coverage raises the issue in the fourth paragraph: An interstate highway bridge in Washington state collapsed [Thursday], […]

Check out these 3 great articles recently posted to the EF! newswire: 1. Last week, a rupture occurred with the coal industry world that shocked activists. Rio Tinto, an Australian company, which owns the US-based subsidiary Cloud Peak Energy, a 50:50 partner in the Decker Mine in the Powder River Basin, sued its partner and […]

California Governor Jerry Brown has signed a law approving the construction of a 130-mile bullet train between Los Angeles in the south and Sacramento and San Francisco in the north. While such projects are often trumpeted as victories for labor and the environment, remember their main function: to relieve commuter pressure on freeways and other […]

The two Indiana residents (Hugh Farrell and Gina “Tiga” Wertz) charged with misdemeanors for intimidation and improper use of property in the campaign against the I-69 “NAFTA Superhighway” accepted a plea deal on July 14. The defendants each pleaded guilty to two counts of trespassing and were sentenced to two years non-reporting probation and a […]

From (links added): “Indiana State Police [ISP] today [July 9] widened its case against I-69 resistance to target yet another individual. Apparently not content pinning years’ worth of diffuse intentions and attempts from myriad actors onto just Tiga and Hugh, the state served Philip Shelton a search warrant authorizing his forceful detainment for the […]

Hugh Farrell, who has been indicted on misdemeanor and felony charges of intimidation, improper use of property, and corrupt business influence for publicly organizing against the I-69 “NAFTA Superhighway”, has released an open letter to his supporters. In the letter he writes, among other things, about the significance of the fight against I-69: “What the […]

Seventy people rallied in the streets of Portland on June 14th against plans to build a new I-5 bridge across the Columbia River, deploying a giant banner from the roof of a nearby building reading, “More Lanes=More Cars=More Climate Change. No CRC [Columbia River Crossing]!” Earlier, a “Pedalpalooza” bike ride had toured the areas of […]

On May 26, High Country Earth First! (HCEF!)  launched its Stop I-70 campaign by hanging a banner from a Denver overpass reading, “Stop I-70 Expansion!” The city of Denver is planning either to widen I-70 through Denver from 6 to 10 lanes or to add a two-mile, 8-lane detour to the highway. The expansion would […]

A couple of us recently did an interview with Healing the Earth radio, out of Guelph, Ontario. The interview is available for listening or download at: Healing the Earth We talked about the Root Force analysis and strategy, how infrastructure projects are interconnected, how to oppose infrastruture in the climate of  “economic stimulus,” and […]

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