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Two Indiana residents (Hugh Farrell and Gina “Tiga” Wertz) were arrested on April 24 on misdemeanor and felony charges of intimidation, improper use of property, and corrupt business influence in the campaign against the I-69 “NAFTA Superhighway”. These charges are based on the premise that any activity designed to get companies to cease from environmentally […]

Bloomington Against I-69 has put out a call for Indiana residents to write or call their state representatives in support of a bill that would take away all the funding currently earmarked for I-69. The bill, HB 1656, would redirect the $1.5 billion to “local road maintenance and improvements” instead, and would prevent vocal I-69 […]

I-95: The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) has signed an agreement with the transportation departments of Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia, committing those states to reconstruct and expand a 1,054 mile stretch of I-95 as part of the Corridors of the Future traffic reduction program. Michigan: The DOT has issued final environmental […]

From an anonymous communiqué: On January 20th, Tucson’s chapter of HAND (Hooligans Attack at Night, Duh!) paid a visit to Si Schorr’s house. We wanted to give him a special going away party. January 15th marked the last day of Si’s role as Chairman of the Arizona State Transportation Board, but not his last chance […]

Due to massive public opposition to the highway expansion plan known as the Trans-Texas Corridor (TTC), the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) has pulled a classic maneuver to undercut the resistance: keep the project, but change the name. “The Trans-Texas Corridor, as a single project concept, is not the choice of Texans. So we’ve decided […]

The US Department of Transportation has approved a $516 million loan to the state of Maryland for the construction of the Inter-County Connector (ICC) highway. The ICC is a planned 18-mile, 6-lane highway to connect the I-95 Corridor of the Future in the Washington, DC area to I-270. According to the DOT, there is currently […]

The Root Force Target Database is back online! Want to take action against infrastructure but don’t have a project to fight locally? This resource is for you! The database currently contains information on companies involved in the expansion of I-69, I-10 and I-95, and we’re told that more information will be added in the coming weeks. There […]

The ATM of a Chase Bank in Bloomington, IN was smashed on October 28. This is the third action in Bloomington to target the bank for its financial relationship with Gohmann Asphalt Company, which is involved in building I-69. Gohmann has been a major focus of anti-I-69 protests in recent months. I-69 is a Corridor […]

Protest Reportback: On October 23, Chicago residents picketed against I-69 at the meeting of the American Road and Transportation Builders Association. According to the action report, “This annual convention brings together hundreds of major players in the infrastructure business, people who specialize in forcing overpriced megaprojects on unwilling communities. This year, a number of companies […]

I-15 News

Nevada: Construction of new express lanes for I-15 in Las Vegas is scheduled to begin before the end of 2008, according to the Nevada Department of Transportation. The department has initiated an I-15 Resort Corridor Study to figure out how to deal with the increased urban traffic that this is expected to cause. Utah: The […]

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