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Patagonia Dam CANCELED!

After an eight-year struggle, Chile’s grassroots and environmental movements have successfully won the rejection of five planned megadams on two Patagonian rivers! From International Rivers: ¡Chao HidroAysén! Mon, 06/09/2014 By Emily Jovais It’s not every day we celebrate a victory as significant and hard-won as today’s triumph in the eight-year campaign to protect Chilean Patagonia […]

From Rights Action: On March 5, people tried to kill Maria Santos, seriously attacking her, her 12-year old son Paulo, and her husband Roque, with machetes. Maria is a vocal leader in the struggle in Rio Blanco and member of the Indigenous Council. Maria has received numerous death threats because of her vocal opposition to […]

La Parota Tension Builds

The Council of Ejidos and Communities in Opposition to La Parota Dam (CECOP) has warned residents to be on-guard that the government may try to sneak into their communities to perform preliminary studies for the construction of La Parota, in line with its recent attempts to resurrect the project in spite of a state agreement […]

From International Rivers: Requirements to mitigate impacts remain unmet; Indigenous peoples call for immediate suspension of construction Altamira, Brazil: As the hurried construction of the controversial Belo Monte Dam nears 50% completion on the Amazon’s Xingu River, a new report revealed that more than 80% of legally required actions to mitigate project impacts on indigenous […]

Panama: Indigenous communities face imminent eviction Having fought tirelessly against the unlawful Barro Blanco hydroelectric dam, the indigenous Ngäbe communities on the banks of Panama’s Tabasará river are today threatened with forced eviction at the hands of Panama’s notoriously brutal security forces. … Facing the threat of inundation, the Ngäbe have now established blockades and […]

A Good Week for Rivers

Two highly destructive dam projects have been postponed this week, implying a grim outlook for both of them. From International Rivers: HidroAysén Stalled Again – Decision Goes to Bachelet Administration I’m happy to announce great news in our campaign to protect Patagonia from the destructive HidroAysén dam project! On January 30, after two years of […]

The True Cost of Muskrat Falls’ Renewable Energy: Fair Trade and the Maritime Link The Maritime Link is shorthand for a mega-project that involves the damming of the Lower Churchill River, the construction of a generating plant at Muskrat Falls in Labrador, and the sub-sea cable and overhead transmission lines necessary to deliver electricity to […]

From Guatemala Solidarity Project: Four leaders of the Q’eqchi community Monte Olivo were attacked and severely injured with machetes by employees of the Santa Rita hydroelectric company who also carried firearms. Police were called but refused to arrest the attackers. On Wednesday the company plans to begin construction of a hydroelectric dam that would flood […]

From The Plan Nord/Le Nord Pour Tous is a plan by the Quebec Government to invest in and promote resource extraction projects in Northern Quebec. Le Plan Nord was originally proposed by Jean Charest’s Liberal government in May 2011, and was presented as an economic development strategy to create job in quebec. When the […]

A new guerilla group in the Mexican state of Guerrero has promised armed support for social movements, including the struggle against La Parota Dam. Two days after announcing its formation via online media, the Revolutionary Armed Forces-People’s Liberation (Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias-Liberación del Pueblo, FAR-LP) released a video of one of its leaders, “Comandante Camilo,” warning […]

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