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La Parota Tension Builds

The Council of Ejidos and Communities in Opposition to La Parota Dam (CECOP) has warned residents to be on-guard that the government may try to sneak into their communities to perform preliminary studies for the construction of La Parota, in line with its recent attempts to resurrect the project in spite of a state agreement […]

A new guerilla group in the Mexican state of Guerrero has promised armed support for social movements, including the struggle against La Parota Dam. Two days after announcing its formation via online media, the Revolutionary Armed Forces-People’s Liberation (Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias-Liberación del Pueblo, FAR-LP) released a video of one of its leaders, “Comandante Camilo,” warning […]

In line with recent statements indicating a resumption of efforts to force through the construction of La Parota Dam, the Mexican government has also launched a new campaign of repression against the dam’s opponents. First, dam opponents warned of increasing paramilitary activity in the region. Then came word that the federal government is seeking to […]

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto has made it clear that construction of La Parota dam will be part of his plan for “rebuilding” the state of Guerrero following Hurricane Manuel. In announcing the $30 billion “Plan New Guerrero,” he mentioned that the infrastructure component of the plan would include projects such as “the construction of […]

The Council of Ejidos and Communities in Opposition to La Parota Dam (CECOP) has warned that Mexican federal police officers have informed inhabitants of villages along the Papagayo River that they are to be relocated “father up the mountains” as part of the government’s program to repair devastation caused by Hurricane Manuel. CECOP denounced the […]

The Council of Ejidos and Communities in Opposition to La Parota Dam (CECOP) has announced its intention to file a lawsuit against Mexico’s Federal Electric Commission (CFE), alleging that the severe damage caused by recent catastrophic flooding along the banks of the Papagayo River would not have occurred if not for the construction of La […]

Following a month of torrential storms and flooding that killed at least 139 people and displaced 20,000 in the Acapulco area, the Federal Electric Commission (CFE) quickly seized on the tragedy for its own purposes. On Twitter, the CFE’s press spokesperson claimed that La Parota dam could have averted the deaths, and a CFE representative […]

Well, that didn’t take long. Less than a year after the government of the Mexican state of Guerrero made it clear that it would not approve any plans for La Parota dam, the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) has included the dam in its most recent report on its upcoming plans. The commission hopes to begin […]

The Council of Ejidos and Communities in Opposition to La Parota Dam (CECOP) has condemned the efforts of armed “self-defense” groups to move into their villages, warning that the groups are actually paramilitaries hoping to provoke a confrontation with the campesin@ movement. Armed self-defense groups composed of peasants seeking to combat organized crime began to […]

UPDATE (June 10, 2013): Despite the Cacahuatepec Agreement, the CFE seems to think it may still be able to force the dam through. The struggle continues. La Parota Dam has been definitively canceled. The government of Guerrero has formally abandoned all plans for the dam and will inform the Mexican federal government that it will not […]

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