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The following article from Upside Down World examines the ways in which the leftist Bolivian government of Evo Morales seeks to portray indigenous people who oppose its extractivist policies as unwitting tools of colonialist forces. Yet at the same time, the government uses explicitly colonialist language to justify pillaging those people’s lands to produce goods […]

The governments of Chile and Argentina are actively pursuing plans to build a Trans-Andean Rail tunnel to connect the Pacific and Atlantic ports of the respective countries. When completed, the rail line is expected to increase trade between the countries tenfold. The current rail line between the countries is shut down for an average 45 […]

No surprise here: Brazil has approved the environmental permit for the Jirau Dam on the Madeira River, the Amazon’s largest tributary. Along with the planned San Antonio Dam, the Jirau forms the 6,450 MW Madeira River Hydroelectric Complex. This complex is intended to supply power for mining, metal processing and agriculture, and to ease river […]

The Mexican government is making a renewed push to exploit and destroy the land and people of Chiapas as the reborn Plan Puebla Panama (PPP, now renamed the “Mesoamerica Initiative”) pushes forward in Chiapas: • Mexican Energy Secretary Georgina Kessel has announced plans for oil drilling in Chiapas, with private companies invited to invest as […]

The news has been buzzing recently with photos of a previously “uncontacted” indigenous group in the Amazon forest near the Brazilian-Peruvian border — that is, a self-sustaining indigenous community that exists without contact with the industrial world. Loggers, ranchers and oil companies have a history of denying that such groups exist, in order to avoid […]

The influential Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador (CONAIE) has formally declared its opposition to the government of Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa. Central to the declaration is CONAIE’s opposition to large-scale mining and to the South American Regional Infrastructure Integration Initiative (IIRSA). The confederation emphasized that it is not part of the right-wing opposition. CONAIE […]