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from Inside Climate News: Worst-Case Scenario for Oil Sands Industry Has Come to Life, Leaked Document Shows Industry consultants said anti-tar sands push could become ‘the most significant environmental campaign of the decade’ if activists were left unopposed. by Katherine Bagley As environmentalists began ratcheting up pressure against Canada’s tar sands three years ago, one […]

From Vancouver Media Co-op: Early morning, on Wednesday November 6th a Royal Bank Of Canada had all 2 of their ATMs smashed and 4 of their windows. This was an easy target as it was far on East Hastings in Burnaby. The RBC was attacked because they help fund the most destructive project on earth, […]

from the Michigan Coalition Against Tar Sands (MICATS): Dear Movement, We think it’s time for us to have a conversation: a conversation that can help us address the work we need to do in order to build the true grassroots power than can dismantle the oppressive system that tar sands companies and people in power […]

A new report from the World Bank admits that while pursuit of extractivist economic models has led to economic growth in Africa, poverty and inequality remain widespread. From Common Dreams: Francisco Ferreira, Acting Chief Economist for the World Bank Africa Region, states, “Africa grew faster in the last decade than most other regions,” with a […]

From Earth Island Journal: Yes, Keystone XL is horrible – but so are plenty of other fossil fuel infrastructure plans By Arielle Klagsbrun, David Osborn, Kirby Spangler and Maryam Adrangi This article also appears today at Waging Nonviolence. Architecturally, a keystone is the wedge-shaped piece at the crown of an arch that locks the other […]

It’s so predictable that it’s almost not news: a Canadian government regulatory panel has concluded that a proposed 40 percent expansion of Shell’s tar sands mining operation in Alberta would cause “significant” harm to the environment and that the company has inadequate cleanup plans—but that because the project is in the “public interest,” it can […]

The following article analyzes in easy-to-understand language the economics of the fracking industry, with a focus on weak points that can be exploited by anti-fracking activists. It’s a great tool for anyone and everyone fighting fracking, and also provides a great model for the kind of systemic analysis that we should be using to guide […]

From the Earth First! Newswire: Tar Sands Re-route Coming to a Wetlands Near You by Russ McSpadden / Earth First! Newswire Back in 2011, when Gulf Coast residents were still reeling from the BP oil spill disaster, a pipeline company, Plains Southcap, LLC received a quiet approval to build a 45-mile pipeline in Montgomery Co. Alabama. […]

The Week of Action to Stop Tar Sands Profiteers started on Saturday and runs through this coming Saturday, March 23rd. Although there’s never a bad time to interrupt “business as usual” for corporate criminals, this week is an especially good time! Following is a longer, more detailed call to action, along with resources for selecting […]

Misdirection and Target Selection

From the Deep Green Resistance Newswire: We’re up against a lot. With hundreds of species going extinct every day, with the oceans being vacuumed of life, with the last vestiges of wild forests being felled or burned and the heart of the planet being torn up to poison the air, civilization is driving Earth towards […]

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