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Government and industry in the United States sure do seem worried recently that the national power grid is some kind of house of cards, just waiting for the right action to cause widespread¬† disruption of electric service….. The latest contribution to the state of alarm is a study from the U.S. Army War College warning […]

Cyber-Eco-Terrorist Wargames Suggest New Level of Domestic Counterinsurgency by Sasha / EF! Newswire Last night [Nov. 13], the FBI and DHS linked up with 10,000 engineers and an intercontinental web of utility company executives in a cross-country war game. The target: ecoterrorists targeting critical electrical infrastructure points. Their tactics: computer viruses, bombs, and guerrilla warfare. […]

The recent sabotage of an undersea telecommunications¬† cable near Egypt will slow Internet service for three or four weeks in 14 countries from France to Singapore, news media have reported.  

The Week of Action Against Tar Sands Profiteers was a stunning success, with 55 actions taking place across North America targeting the companies involved in the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. Read a day-by-day overview of the actions here. Showing that you can’t get too much of a good thing, at least two more actions […]

The Media Coop has published a piece highlighting the great power of the Canada’s indigenous people in general, and the Idle No More protests in particular, to economically cripple the country by focusing on its infrastructure. Some highlights: News reports are ablaze with reports of looming Indigenous blockades and economic disruption. As the Idle No […]

Global industrial demand for lead is expected to exceed supply by 150,000 metric tons next year, with no known potential for any new mines outside China, according to an article on That shortage is equivalent to six months of production from all US lead mines combined. The shortfall is being caused by surging demand, […]