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We have added the Gateway Sucks campaign to our list of anti-infrastructure contacts. In their own words, “ is a loose voluntary association of individuals and organizations who are ticked off about Gateway.” What is the Gateway Project? “The project is a massive old-school highway-expansion plan being launched by the BC Government, spearheaded by Transportation […]

Updates to Contacts Page

We have updated the info for our affiliate groups in Durango, Colorado, and also added a new contact in British Columbia and one in the Phillipines. Are you part of a group campaigning against infrastructure that wants to be listed on our contacts page? Get in touch!

A Series of Web Updates

We’re currently engaged in the process of adding lots of new material to our Organizing Resources page, so you should be sure to check it out! In addition, we’ve made a few minor updates to the site, including: • Added more information to the entries on the Recommended Reading page. As part of the additions […]

Giving the lie to its earlier claims that it was impossible to repeal the contested decrees that sparked 70 days of protests and blockades throughout the country’s Amazon region, the Peruvian government rescinded two of those laws on June 18th. The protests started after President Alan Garcia passed 10 laws by presidential decree that would […]

Minor Web Updates

We added some info to the Security Culture and Secure Email pages to clarify the limitations of proxy servers such as Tor.

We’ve added a new section to the “Organizing Resources” portion of our web site (under “get involved”) that we will be slowly building up over time: articles relating to infrastructure issues in general, but not to any project in particular. This first (and only, so far) article is one we wrote for the most recent […]

The Root Force Target Database is back online! Want to take action against infrastructure but don’t have a project to fight locally? This resource is for you! The database currently contains information on companies involved in the expansion of I-69, I-10 and I-95, and we’re told that more information will be added in the coming weeks. There […]

Now Posting As-It-Happens

Due to the recent upsurge in anti-infrastructure actions and related news (just take a look at the last few weeks’ worth of posts, below!), we are shifting to a less regular posting schedule. Rather than compiling stories and posting them once per week, we will now be posting news as we learn about it. Check […]

New Posts Thursday Nights

In our ongoing attempt to figure out the best regular posting schedule for The Lowdown, we’re going to give Thursdays a try for the next couple of weeks. This means new posts will appear some time before Friday morning. Thanks for bearing with us! Want to know when we’ve posted to the site without visiting […]

New Posts Now on Tuesdays

Hi, folks. We’re going to try out a new posting schedule: posting on Tuesday afternoons, rather than Sunday nights (or occasionally Monday) as we have been. So new Lowdown posts should be online by Tuesday nights. We will still be posting once per week. If this new posting schedule does not work out and we […]

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