Get Involved

Fight Infrastructure Expansion

Root Force is a decentralized campaign founded on local groups taking action, and it needs your creativity and passion. There is almost certainly an infrastructure expansion project in the works near you, and no time is better than the present to step up and shut it down!

One of the best and easiest ways to get involved is to join a local anti-infrastructure group; check out our directory to find one. If there is no such group, then start one! Check out our Organizing Resources page at the right for plenty of tips and materials to help with your campaigns. And be sure to sign up for our mailing list to get campaign updates, calls to action and news relevant to the anti-infrastructure movement.

Be sure to keep us up to date on your anti-infrastructure efforts! We’d love to list your group in our directory and post your stories and actions on the front page of the site!

Introduce Anti-Infrastructure Analysis

If you’re active with an anti-infrastructure group, consider making it a Root Force affiliate group and combine your organizing with a take-down-the-system analysis!

We also encourage everyone to incorporate an anti-infrastructure analysis into any other campaigns or issues they might be working on. Check out our issue-specific fact sheets for suggestions on how to do this.

Work Directly With Root Force

Want to help grow the Root Force campaign? The best way to help, as mentioned above, is to start a Root Force affiliate group! Give Root Force presentations and organize against infrastructure in your area, and help spread the Root Force strategy and direct-action philosophy! Since Root Force is a decentralized campaign, your local group will have complete autonomy in its own organizing. Check out our affiliate group guidelines if you’re interested.

There are also lots of other ways to help, including spreading the word (writing articles, securing interviews and media coverage, etc.) helping out with research or translation, or giving Root Force presentations. If you’re interested in this kind of involvement, please contact us.

Road Shows and Merchandise

Root Force Road Shows travel the country periodically, doing presentations for colleges, community organizations or even groups of friends, to build momentum around a revolutionary anti-infrastructure strategy. For upcoming tour dates or to book a road show stop, contact us.

We also have Root Force merchandise like T-shirts and patches, as well as other great resources (CDs, DVDs, posters, books, etc.) that we sell or recommend. Contact us for lists and prices.

Make A Donation

Sadly, running a campaign costs money — from small expenses like postage, photocopies and web hosting to larger expenses like plane tickets and car repairs. Please help us cover the costs of this campaign by making a donation.You can send checks or well-concealed cash to Root Force, PO Box 1302, Tucson, AZ 85702-1302.

Join the Uprising!

With your participation, the Root Force campaign can be a potent tool to help bring this system down. But it needs you. The whole planet needs you.

It’s time for all of us to make sure that “solidarity” and “revolution” are more than just empty words. It’s time to renounce a First-World privilege founded on genocide and extinction.

It’s time to bring it all down.