IFFAS Meeting Minutes

IFFAS COUNCIL MEETING, October 16, 1999.


Eric Anderson, FRCS (deputy for Dr. Stephens)
Antonio Carvalho Jr., M.D.
Michael Coughlin, M.D.
Greta Dereymaeker, M.D.
Suguru Inokuchi, M.D.
Francesco Malerba, M.D.
Carlos Nemirovsky (deputy for Dr. Natiello)
Sureshwar Pandey, FACS
Ronald Smith, M.D.
Yoshinori Takakura, M.D.
Zelman Simonovich, M.D.

The Council Meeting convened at 4:10 p.m.


Dr. Takakura welcomed regional representatives to the first IFFAS Council meeting. He asked Mr. Anderson to chair the meeting. Mr. Anderson noted that Dr. Nemivrosky would stand in for Dr. Natiello and that he (Mr. Anderson) would stand in for Dr. Stephens. Dr. Clanton was unable to attend. Mr. Anderson noted that the major role for the new federation was to organize a triennial meeting; however, he suggested the IFFAS also see its role as assisting other countries, particularly third world countries, in establishing foot and ankle societies and in foot and ankle educational endeavors. Mr. Anderson explained the regional organization structure.


The Council reviewed the sixth draft of the constitution. It was recommended that the secretary treasurer position be changed to two positions, secretary and treasury. This would provide for four officers so that all four regional organizations could be represented. It was further recommended that deputies be allowed to stand in for Council members who could not attend a Council meeting. Dr. Smith asked for clarification on the provision that official business may be conducted by any secure means of communication. He suggested the statement explictedly state that business could be conducted via electronic communication. Council accepted the changes and adopted the constitution as amended.


It was noted that the regional representatives who attended the bylaws meeting in Puerto Rico had recommended that Council discuss the appointment of Dr. Benamou as archivist. Dr. Benamou was asked to leave the room until after this discussion took place. It was suggested that the archivist should record the history of triennial meetings and not Council proceedings, and thus needn't be present at Council meetings. Council approved a motion that an archivist be appointed with his/her responsibility to be determined in a future Council discussion; it was agreed that the archivist would not be a member of the Council or attend Council Meetings. Council also agreed that the position of archivist not be remunerated. After further discussion, Council appointed Dr. Benamou as archivist for a six year term.


Executive Director Richard Cantrall gave a presentation on the role of the Secretariat. He noted that Council had determined that the Secretariat's major role would be maintenance of an international calendar. This will be done through the IFFAS web site and through a quarterly mailing to Council members and presidents of National Orthopaedic Societies. Maintenance of the calendar will require regular updates from Council members. Cantrall noted that the IFFAS web site will include a link to the International Center for Orthopaedic Education (ICOE) web site. The ICOE wants to provide a central facility to coordinate and facilitate international exchange in postgraduate orthopaedic education and coordinate postgraduate education, teaching and service experiences between countries. It wishes these exchanges to be truly worldwide exchanges and not just between North America and the rest of the world. The IFFAS web site also could include lists of officers in national foot and ankle societies and links to national and regional foot and ankle web sites. Again, this will require updates from Council members. Cantrall proposed a Bulletin Board system on the IFFAS web site that would allow Council members to hold regular discussions over the Internet. The Bulletin Board system will be demonstrated in Orlando. Cantrall noted that the Secretariat will plan the IFFAS triennial meeting in San Francisco, handling promotion and all meeting arrangements. The IFFAS treasury currently stands at $8,000. Cantrall outlined other ways the Secretariat could assist Council. Foot and Ankle International is now published in the Cantrall & Associates office and this will facilitate promotion of international meetings. The secretariat also can assist Council members with hotel room reservations for the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons Annual Meeting.

Council approved a $2,000 annual subscription per region for the Secretariat management fee and asked that this be paid by November 15. Council approved an additional $1,000 annual subscription to maintain the IFFAS treasury, again due November 15.


Council elected the following officers: Dr. Takakura, President; Dr. Coughlin, Vice President; Dr. Zimonvich, Secretary; and Dr. Deyermaeker, Treasurer.


Council discussed publication of triennial proceedings. It was suggested that the proceedings be published in English in the journal of the region where the meeting is held. After further discussion, it was agreed that all four Regional Organizations may publish the proceedings in any regional journal and any language that they see fit. Council agreed to the principle that IFFAS would have no official journal. The question was raised whether authors need to give their rights to the IFFAS for publication of abstracts. It was suggested that the abstract form clearly state that abstracts can be published in any of the Regional Organization journals.


Council agreed that the next triennial meeting should be held in the U.S. followed by meetings in Europe, South America and Asia. Dr. Coughlin gave a presentation on possible sites for the 2002 meeting. He recommended San Francisco as the meeting site. Council agreed that San Francisco will serve as the site for the next triennial meeting. The Program Committee will be discussed at a future Council meeting. Council also asked the European Federation to decide within the next 12 months on a site for the 2005 triennial meeting in Europe.


Council reviewed sample logos from Dr. Natiello and from the Secretariat. It was agreed that the logo should incorporate the following symbols: the orthopaedic tree, the globe, and the foot. Council appointed a committee consisting of Dr. Takakura and Mr. Cantrall to develop the logo. Council members were encouraged to send their ideas to Mr. Cantrall. Council will make a decision on the logo at its next meeting.

  1. A discussion on finance was tabled to the next Council meeting.
  2. It was agreed that IFFAS will not reimburse traveling expenses of members.
  3. The Council thanked Mr. Anderson and Mr. Helal for their work in establishing the new organization.
  4. Council agreed to hold its next meeting in Orlando on Friday, March 17 at 2 p.m.

The meeting was adjourned at 6 p.m.