IFFAS Meeting Minutes

IFFAS Meeting Clarion Hotel, Orlando, Florida. Friday, March 17, 2000

Council Members Present

Asian Federation: Yoshinori Takakura, M.D. and Suguru Inokuchi, M.D.;

European Society: Greta Dereymaeker, M.D. and Francesco Malerba, M.D.;

South American Federation: Fernando Da Fonseca Filho, M.D.; Mauro Fuchs, M.D.; Zelman Simonovich, M.D.;

American Society: Michael Coughlin, M.D. and Ronald Smith, M.D.

Also attending Richard Cantrall, Executive Director.

Dr. Takakura convened the meeting at 2 p.m. He asked Dr. Coughlin to chair the meeting.


Dr. Coughlin asked for a motion to accept the minutes of the previous meeting in Kyoto. Dr. Simonovich asked for a moment to review them. After allowing time for further review, Council approved the minutes.


Council reviewed drafts for a new IFFAS logo. It was noted that the world globes on the logo need to include all affiliate regions. Several suggestions for changes were made including: 1) placing the orthopaedic tree between the two globes; 2) replacing the tree with the CIP tree; 3) including the IFFAS acronym in a ribbon. It was suggested that including a foot image would be more representational of the federation than the traditional shield and striding man image from the CIP logo. Council members preferred the logo that includes curvilinear text rather than blocked text. Council members agreed to submit suggestions for changes to Mr. Cantrall. He will send members a revision based on the suggested changes.


Dr. Simonovich introduced the new South American Federation representatives Dr. Fuchs, president of the Brazilian Orthopedic Society and Dr. Da Fonseca Filho, next president of South American Federation.

Not present at the meeting but represented by proxy was Dr. Pandy. Dr. Stephens gave his proxy to Eric Anderson who was not present for the meeting. Dr. Pandy gave his proxy to Dr. Takakura. It was recommended that all who cannot attend send a proxy and that the President of the appropriate Regional Organization verify the proxy.


It was noted that dues for March 1999 to October 1999 were in arrears. Council agreed that the issue should be resolved within the next two months. Dr. Dereymaeker will speak with Dr. Diebold. The dues period will run from November 1 to October 31 each year.

Mr. Cantrall presented the IFFAS balance sheet. Currently, IFFAS holdings are $8,282. Dr. Dereymaeker agreed to review all financial reports and speak with Mr. Cantrall about them before each meeting.

Council accepted the financial report.


Council discussed affiliation of other societies, specifically Australia and South Africa. Council asked Dr. Takakura to write these societies and invite them to join the federation. The letter of invitation should ask the societies with which regional organization they would like to be affiliated.


Council reviewed the international calendar. Dr. Dereymaeker suggested that the calendar clearly distinguish regional and approved meetings from local and unapproved meetings. Currently, the listing is in chronological order. Dr. Coughlin suggested that the calendar include two listings, one by date and one by location. Dr. Malerba suggested that IFFAS meetings be highlighted on the calendar.

Council agreed that regional organizations are responsible for updating the calendar and including meetings held in their regions. Council agreed that regional meetings will be listed first on the calendar followed by other meetings chronologically. An asterisk will indicate regionally approved meetings.

It was noted that International Center for Orthopaedic Education (ICOE) now has a web site that lists orthopaedic educational opportunities. The IFFAS web site includes a link to the ICOE site.


Dr. Coughlin reported on plans for the IFFAS triennial meeting in 2002. The meeting will be held in San Francisco, California on September 12 - 14 (Thursday, Friday and Saturday).

Council discussed whether the meeting should be called the first or second IFFAS meeting. Council agreed that the Kyoto meeting will be identified as the "founding meeting" and the "birthplace of IFFAS". The meeting in San Francisco will identified as the 1st scientific meeting.


Currently, Foot & Ankle International and the European Society Journal are the only two international journals. Council agreed not to endorse any journal at this time.


Council discussed when the next meeting should be held. The AOFAS Summer Meeting in Vail meeting was suggested as a possible meeting venue. However, the meeting may be too soon. Dr. Simonovich suggested Council meet in Buenos Aires during the 1st Latin America Congress. He requested all Council members and the Executive Director attend the meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 4 p.m.