IFFAS Meeting Minutes

IFFAS Council Meeting Vail, Colorado. July 13, 2000.


Asian Federation: Yoshinori Takakura, M.D.

North American Federation: Michael Coughlin, M.D. and Ronald Smith, M.D.

European Foot and Ankle Society: Patrice Diebold (by proxy).

Latin American Federation: Zelman Simonovich, M.D.

Executive Director: Richard Cantrall. Observers: Michael Shereff, M.D., and James Sammarco, M.D.

Dr. Takakura called the meeting to order at 3 p.m. Without a quoroum present, the meeting was unofficial. Council members attending agreed that recommendations should be forwarded to other Council members for vote by e-mail. Responses should be sent to Dr. Takakura and copied to the secretariat. It was noted that Members not attending the Council meeting in Buenos Aires should send their proxies to Dr. Takakura. It was further suggested that meetings be recorded and that those unable to attend in person be allowed to participate through teleconference.


It was noted that Dr. Shereff, who attended the Council meeting as an observer, will replace Dr. Clanton as the third AOFAS representative to Council following his election as AOFAS President on Friday, July 14. Dr. Takakura reported that In Heon Park, M.D., Korea will replace Sureshwar Pandy, M.D., India as the third representative for the Asian Federation.


Dr. Takakura outlined correspondence that he received from the Australian Foot and Ankle Society and the South African Foot and Ankle Surgeons. Both Societies expressed interest in joining IFFAS. Australia requested admission as a member of the North American Federation. South Africa requested admission as a member of the European Foot and Ankle Society. Both requested information on dues and expressed concern that they could not pay full dues. Council members present agreed that the regional organization should determine each national society's dues. It was suggested that Council approve requests for membership pending acceptance by the regional organization to which the national society would affiliate. Representatives present recommended that Council approve Australia and South Africa's requests for membership in the North American Federation and European Foot and Ankle Society respectively.


Mr. Cantrall reported that all Council members who had commented on the draft logo preferred the logo with the white foot. It was suggested that the globe be rotated to show Europe and Japan. Dr. Diebold suggested that the foot include toes and the representatives attending concurred with this suggestion.


Council members reviewed the current calendar. Dr. Takakura noted that 4th Congress of the Asian Federation will be held in Seoul, Korea on March 22-24, 2001. Council members were reminded to send in their calendar updates on a regular basis. Dr. Coughlin reiterated that he felt the calendar should be chronological and not listed by region. He asked that the Council review this at its meeting in Buenos Aires.


Dr. Zimonovich reported that the IFFAS Council meeting will be held during the Latin American Congress in Buenos Aires on September 23 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Council discussed whether the Executive Director should attend this meeting and other Council meetings outside the U.S. The representatives present agreed that it was desirable that the Executive Director attend Council meetings. However, Dr. Coughlin and Dr. Smith expressed concern about the high travel cost for this particular meeting. They suggested that given the state of the treasury, Mr. Cantrall not attend the meeting in Buenos Aires. Drs. Diebold, Takakura and Zimonvich expressed the opinion that the Executive Director should attend the meeting in Buenos Aires at the expense of IFFAS. Drs. Smith and Coughlin withdrew their objections. The representatives present expressed the view that Council should hold one official meeting a year and the Executive Director should attend this meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:30 p.m.