IFFAS Meeting Minutes

IFFAS Council Meeting, San Diego, California, USA. July 20, 2001


Asian Federation - Yoshinori Takakura, M.D,. and Suguru Inokuchi, M.D.,

European Society - Greta Dereymaeker, M.D., and Michael Stephens, M.D.

Latin American Federation - Zelman Simonovich, M.D., Fernando Ferreira da Fonseca Filho, M.D., and Mauro Fuchs, M.D.

North American Society - Michael Coughin, M.D., Pierce Scranton, M.D. and Ronald Smith, M.D.

Archivist - Paul Benamou, M.D.


Greta Dereymaeker, M.D., for Patrice Diebold, M.D.

Yoshinori Takakura, M.D., for In Heon Park, M.D.

The meeting convened at 1:20 p.m.


Drs. Stephens and Zimonovich stated that they hadn't seen the minutes prior to the meeting. It was noted that the minutes were sent out following the Council meeting in Buenos Aires as well as included in the agenda book. Dr. Coughlin suggested that the minutes also be sent out one month before each Council meeting. Dr. Stephens noted that the European Foot and Ankle Society (EFAS) was erroneously referred to as EFFAS. Council accepted the minutes with the above referrenced correction.


It was noted that Dr. Scranton replaced Dr. Shereff as an AOFAS representative at this meeting. The AOFAS president is elected at its Summer Meeting each year. Dr. Richardson will replace Dr. Scranton next July. Dr. Smith will retire as AOFAS representative at the September 2002 Council meeting.

As EFAS President Elect, Dr. Diebold has replaced Dr. Malerba as an EFAS representative. Dr. Dereymaeker will retire from Council at the San Francisco meeting. Dr. Stephens will complete his term in 2004. The new EFAS Council member will become IFFAS Vice President at the San Francisco meeting since Europe will be the site of the next World Congress.

Drs. Takakura and Inokuchi will complete their terms as the Asian Federation representatives on Council at the San Francisco meeting. Dr. Parks will complete his term in 2003.

Dr. Simonvich will complete his term as Latin American Federation representative at the San Francisco meeting. Drs. Fonseca and Fuchs will continue their terms.

Dr. Smith suggested that the federations stagger their appointments over two year periods to provide continuity in leadership.

The bylaws state that representatives may serve for up to three years. The question was raised whether a representative may return after leaving Council for one or two years. Dr. Smith moved that after completing a three year term, representatives must retire, but may be returned after one year. Council approved the motion.


Council reviewed the new logo. It was noted that the logo adopted many elements of the CIP symbol. Dr. Stephens suggested that the logo include a larger foot. Dr. Coughlin noted that this was rejected at the last Council meeting in Buenos Aires. Dr. Dereymaker moved that the IFFAS letters on the logo be made thicker. It was moved that Council accept the draft logo, but incorporate thicker letters and that the logo colors be blue and gold. Council approved the motion unanimously. Council rejected by a vote of 7-5 a motion that the feet be made larger. Dr. Stephens suggested that the web site should note IFFAS was founded from the COMFAS as well as CIP traditions. This was felt to be inappropriate. Dr. Stephens asked that the minutes reflect that he had requested the COMFAS tradition as well as the CIP tradition be recognized in IFFAS.


Dr. Smith, the Program Chair for the first IFFAS triennial scientific meeting, reported on progress with the meeting. The triennial meeting will be held at the Hyatt at Union Square in San Francisco from September 12-14. The registration fee is $500 and the Program Committee expects approximately 400 registrants. The meeting will include symposia (about one third of the program) and free papers. Abstracts are due December 1st. A reception will be held at the Bank of America Building with a ceremonial dinner being held at the Flood Mansion. The World Congress on Total Ankle Arthoplasty will be held one day before the triennial meeting and separate abstract forms are available for the total ankle congress. The event will be held in cooperation with rather than be a part of the IFFAS meeting. The IFFAS Program Committee will have first pick of the papers submitted for the total ankle meeting.

Dr. Dereymaeker suggested that the total ankle congress abstracts state that the abstracts will be considered for the IFFAS meeting as well as the total ankle meeting. Dr. Stephens expressed concern that the lower registration fee for the total ankle meeting ($25 a day fee versus $500 for the IFFAS meeting) might adversely affect attendance. Dr. Coughlin noted that the two meetings should complement one another and that the total ankle meeting may bring an audience that would not necessarily come to the IFFAS meeting alone.

Dr. Simonovich suggested that there be more communication within IFFAS and specifically requested that such developments as the total ankle congress be communicated to all Council members.

Dr. Smith discussed the financial arrangements for the triennial meeting. He suggested that if profits from the meeting were shared, then the risk for the meeting also be shared. Based on projected costs, this would mean each region would need to contribute $20,000 up front. Dr. Smith suggested that if AOFAS takes the risk for the meeting, profit sharing wouldn't be appropriate and no up front contributions from other regional organizations would be needed. Instead, AOFAS would agree to contribute 10 percent of the net from the meeting to IFFAS. Dr. Simonovich asked whether AOFAS would consider increasing the donation to 25% of the net. Dr. Scranton stated that AOFAS felt 10% was appropriate. Dr. Stephens noted that regional organizations will be more motivated if they bear the risk for the triennial meetings. Council agreed that AOFAS will give a minimum of 10% of the net from the triennial meeting to IFFAS.


Council reviewed the calendar. The Latin American Federation added information on its next meeting. Dr. Smith moved that the calendar include a page that lists meetings just by date, i.e., purely in calendar sequence. Council approved the motion.


Dr. Dereymaeker reviewed IFFAS finances. She noted that IFFAS currently has $8,500 in cash. The net for the year after paying bills and the management fee was $1,500. The next dues statement will be mailed in October.


Dr. Smith noted that South Africa has requested information about affiliation to the North American Federation. Dr. Stephens noted that South Africa has requested information about affiliation to the European Society as well. Dr. Takakura noted that South Africa is still considering to which region it would like to be affiliated. Australia corresponded with Dr. Takakura and asked that it join IFFAS as an affiliate to the North American Federation; however, AOFAS has not received a formal request. Dr. Stephens expressed concern about Israel's affiliation. He noted that Israel should be considered a part of the European region and to have any other affiliation makes no sense geographically.


Dr. Stephens reported that the Second World Congress will be held in Naples during the fall of 2005. Dr. Gianni will serve as Program Chair.


Dr. Coughlin suggested that the next Council meeting be held in September 2002 during the triennial meeting in San Francisco. Dr. Takakura moved that two Council meetings be held in San Francisco. All new council members would be invited to attend the second meeting. Council approved the motion.

It was noted that a new slate of officers and a new president will take office at the triennial meeting. Dr. Stephens suggested that a ceremony be held during the meeting with a formal change of presidents. He further suggested that the current president remain on Council until the end of the triennial meeting.

Dr. Smith suggested that during the San Francisco Council meeting there be a discussion of dues sharing among national organizations within regions. He further suggested that Council discuss principles of alignment to different regions.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:50 p.m.